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For my friends, their friends, who can become my friends!

Social dating app

For my friends, their friends, who can become my friends!

Social dating app


Your organizer for last-minute plans with crypto token rewards

With Instant, we make last-minute plans easier and faster in just few clicks! 

Swipe Less, Live More! Join our app for spontaneous and unique social dating experiences. Break out of your routine, discover new places, build your network, and meet new people all while earning real-life rewards.

A spontaneous, decisive and supportive service

Organize a same day meetup when you have no plans (1st and 2nd degree of connections) à always find a +1!

A simple emoji status and see only members available at the same time and nearby.

Fast decision process on where to meet with venue suggestions based on location to support local businesses.

Users are rewarded in tokens for their engagement and being exposed to ads.

In fact

No need to ask who’s available, you already know!
Easy to tell your friends what you are up to with only emoji status
No need to post a message in multiple chat groups to get a response
No time wasting on deciding where to meet
Easy last-minute meet up, in few clicks!
Support local businesses by suggesting nearby restaurants and bars


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“Make every last-minute opportunity count.”

Main features in 2023/2024 for Instant

•  Reward video ad 

•  Artificial Intelligence

•  Token listing

•  Community token

Ambitions along our journey

Offering social dating with venue suggestions powered by AI and rewarding users in tokens for engagement and advertising exposure to set the app apart from the competition, as it combines several features that are not commonly found in a single app.

Through Machine Learning, which is a subset of AI, make predictions based on data to recommend venues based on users' preferences.

With a more complex model, including deep learning, our ambition is to turn INSTANT app into a virtual assistant for last-minute plans. Users could pre-set notifications to receive a custom plan to go out on the same day.

Last-minute events near you – Party to Earn! (2023)

• Personalization: adapt the user's experience according to their preferences with an AI.

• Gamification: the integration of playful elements, such as games, rewards or challenges

• Notifications: carefully planned and relevant.

• Social network features: Allow users to connect with friends and share experiences.

Reward program allocation

2+ billion


With a tailored reward program, users can collect and cumulate more tokens by:

•  Watching a video ad in full (Reward ad video)

•  Accepting a meetup invitation, both participants are rewarded.

•  Inviting more friends to use the application.

•  Special Rewards.
Reward ad video

Reward ad video

User initiated
Give users the opportunity to watch a non skippable video ad and get rewarded.

For each video fully viewed, user collect a reward in tokens.

The token value is based on the ad revenue share with the users for their engagement.

→ The user is indirectly rewarded by advertisers which can result in positive brand perception.

When the app is free as a result of rewarded video ads, this tends to mean more downloads.
Soomla reports that rewarded video ads can increase app revenue by 20% to 40%

Special Rewards

When a user or the company  reach specific milestones, it will unlock special rewards, for example:
•   If a user reach 5,000 tokens while using the application, it will unlock additional free tokens.

•   If the application reach a certain number of users, it will unlock a number of free tokens for them.

•   Enable users to get a right of voting and take part in the application roadmap development.
Special rewards 1Special rewards 2

A community token

The idea: build a user-owned socialising network.
•   A ownership economy in which users control the network where they engage.

•   Decisions on the application user experience will take into account user’s voice.

•   Discuss ideas for improvements, proposing ideas, voting on feature proposals by using tokens.

•   100 tokens = 1 vote. The more tokens a user hold, the greater voting power a user have and participate in community building activities.

•   We grow together
Special rewards 2Special rewards 1

Token value

What makes a cryptocurrency valuable is above all its popularity and what people use it for.

The more people who own a cryptocurrency, the more they use that currency to buy products and services or to hold as long term investment, the more it increases its value.
The reward ad video with a fixed price defined by advertising revenue share, will be the starting price of the token.

The reward program will support price and add value.

The more users accumulate tokens from the reward program, the more valuable the token will be on market for public trading.

Ad formats

Reach your audience
300 x 250 banner
Reward ad video
300 x 250 banner

About us

INST.Digital SRL is founded in 2021, one year after the development of the mobile application Instant

The first design of the mobile application started in April 2020, during the first global Covid-19 lockdown in London. The global isolation, lack of human contact, loneliness sentiment and hospitality businesses dramatic situation, has shaped the application’s purpose.  The integration of a user reward program is important to the project. To do so, the company believes in the blockchain ecosystem to build a user-owned network.

Today, INST.Digital SRL is the company running the mobile application Instant and developing upcoming features.


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